Dive deeper and join our coral conservation efforts this Chinese New Year

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Dive deeper and join our coral conservation efforts this Chinese New Year

Coral reefs are one of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth as about 25% of the ocean’s fish are dependent on healthy coral reefs for survival.

With approximately 60% of Singapore’s reef area lost to land reclamation, our nation is left with over 250 species of corals that can still be found largely around our southern islands, such as Pulau Satumu, Pulau Semakau and the Sisters’ Islands.

In view of this issue, the National Parks Board (NParks) recently launched an initiative to scale up existing coral restoration efforts and plant 100,000 corals in Singapore’s waters under their Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef (PACSAR) Programme.

This Chinese New Year, together with NParks, and alongside Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE), we hope to invite Singaporeans to dive deeper with us, explore the vast coral reefs that are thriving within our waters, and join us in our conservation efforts, through our #VoyageToProsperity initiative.

Pledge your support by playing the Voyage To Prosperity Game

In collaboration with MCE, we have co-created the Voyage To Prosperity Game, together with 10-year-old Gabriel Chin. 

As part of MCE’s Summer Coding Hackathon themed ‘Code the Ocean’, students aged 9-12 from around the world were invited to create games of their own to raise awareness for ocean sustainability, and among the shortlisted entries was this game creatively coded and designed by Gabriel, which theme is focused on ocean clean-ups. 

Simply play this game to pledge your support, and we will donate on your behalf, towards our $10,000 donation to the coral reef conservation and enhancement efforts by NParks’ Garden City Fund.

Haul in a prosperous Chinese New Year with Geneco’s marine-inspired red packets

Together with NParks’ Garden City Fund, this year, we are illuminating the beauty of coral reefs, which serve as a pivotal foundation for a thriving marine ecosystem. 

Each red packet, printed on FSC-certified paper, features a radiant flow of fishes in vivid hues of pink, blue and gold, as well as blooming corals to represent their flourishing prosperity. 

Within each red packet, you will find unique lesser-known facts about our native coral reefs, such as “While our reefs are only 0.01% the size of the Great Barrier Reef, they host about half as many coral species, showcasing the remarkable resilience of our local marine biodiversity.”

If you would like to receive one of these exclusive red packets, you can head down to our pop-up event happening now at Tampines Mall. More details below.

Breathe new life into used red packets

2024 marks the fourth consecutive year of our Used Red Packets Recycling Initiative. This year, we are joined by new and returning partners, including CapitaLand malls, CRU, IUIGA, OTO,  PAP Action for Green Towns, REFASH, and Wisma Atria, who are hosting our recycling bins at over 90 locations across the nation from now till 31 March.

These red packets will then be collected by SG Recycle, who will repurpose them into new paper products. 

Plus, join our Geneco Facebook or Instagram giveaway and let us know which CapitaLand mall you will be visiting to drop off your red packets in our recycling bins, and you could be one of the 40 lucky winners to walk away with a $28 eCapitaVoucher. Contest ends on 11 February 2024.

Join us at #VoyageToProsperity pop-up event

From now till 6 February, come on down to Tampines Mall, Level 1 Concourse, to show your support for local coral reef conservation efforts at our #VoyageToProsperity pop-up event. 

Together with your little ones, you can play the Voyage To Prosperity Game at the event and stand to win a $28 eCapitaVoucher, when you are amongst the top five players of the week, and a limited-edition Geneco reusable straw. 

What’s more, you can drop by between 3pm to 6pm on 3 & 4 February and stand to receive an exclusive set of Geneco Red Packets and a Geneco Green Starter Kit (worth $40) that consists of a silicone water bottle, reusable straw, recyclable umbrella and a grocery net bag if you are among the first 50 players each day.

If you have used or excess red packets at home, you can also bring them down to our recycling bins at the pop-up event. 

For more information on our campaign and event details, visit https://www.voyagetoprosperity.sg/ 

Together, let’s embark on a #VoyageToProsperity towards a sustainable nation for our next generation.​ 

And beyond.

4 Ways to dive into marine conservation with your family

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4 Ways to dive into marine conservation with your family

Beyond our lush urban greenery, Singapore is home to a vibrant mosaic of oceanic biodiversity, with over 12,000 species of marine organisms living in our waters. 

At the heart of this lively marine community, our native coral reefs, also known as “the Rainforests of the Sea”, emerge as magnificent marvels, over countless generations of corals and reef organisms. Within their intricate ecosystems, you can find over 120 species of reef fishes and about 200 species of sponges creating a rich and diverse underwater habitat. 

Through meticulous conservation, we can do our part in helping our reefs to persevere through threats, such as climate change and land reclamation, and support a thriving and harmonious ecosystem. 

In this month’s blog, join us as we delve into 3 activities that you can do in Singapore to instil awareness about the importance of marine conservation from an early age.

1. Making a difference with ‘Our Singapore Reefs’

Established in 2017, Our Singapore Reefs (OSR) has been an emerging leader in local marine conservation. Led by a quartet of avid divers – Sam, Tai Chong, Lynette, and Yvonne – OSR chiefly organises reef clean-ups, taking volunteer divers on expeditions to clean up marine litter lying on our seabeds. 

Despite the common practice of properly disposing of our waste, trash such as plastic containers and empty glass bottles are still often left behind on our beaches. Subsequently, during high tide, these remnants are swept into the ocean, causing pollution and disruption to coral ecosystems.

OSR’s goal is clear— every dive uncovers new litter, fueling their ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation, and serving as a reminder to all that maintaining cleanliness in and around our waters is our responsibility.

If you would like to join their cause but are not a diver yourself, OSR also co-hosts beach clean-up sessions with Georges, providing an opportunity for families and young ones to get involved. These sessions are often accompanied by expert sharing programmes, serving as an educational avenue for newcomers to learn about marine diversity, mangrove protection and more. 

By participating in OSR’s activities with your family, you will not only be contributing to the ongoing efforts of marine conservation but also cultivating knowledge and enthusiasm for marine conservation early. Head over to OSR’s Instagram to discover more about their activities. 

2. Educating from young with “Let’s Discover Our Seashores, Singapore!”

While sustainability topics have been weaved into the classrooms in recent years, it is equally important that parents continue cultivating these learnings and interests at home — and what better way to do so than with an interactive children’s picture book.

Titled “Let’s Discover Our Seashores, Singapore!”, the picture book authored by father-daughter duo Professor Emeritus Chou and Diana Chou is a visual and aural experience that invites parents and young readers to explore the world of marine creatures living on our shores. 

Featuring 25 unique sea creatures, the book incorporates visual illustrations and QR codes linking to animated videos online, where Professor Emeritus Chou, a marine biologist at the Tropical Marine Science Institute, explains in deeper detail the interesting traits and behaviours of these animals. 

For example, young readers may discover animals such as an eight-armed seastar extending its arms, with small, flexible tube-like structures to enhance its speed during incoming tides. Interesting as it may be, this newfound knowledge can enrich your child’s learning, making their next trip to the beach more engaging and rewarding. 

Through captivating visuals and tech integration, there are endless ways in which children can nurture their interest in marine life conservation. If you are keen to kickstart your child’s educational journey, you can do so by picking up a copy of “Let’s Discover Our Seashores, Singapore!” at any Popular, Kinokuniya and Times bookstore near you.

3. Exploring new coastal trails on Big Sisters’ Island

Beyond our mainland beaches, families can take their curiosities further with the upcoming opening of Big Sisters’ Island this year. With a host of exciting new activities lined up, you can now look forward to exploring a whole new side of Singapore, just a boat ride away.

The island features a 230-metre coastal forest trail, complete with a hilltop viewing deck that offers an unobstructed view of our cerulean seas. You will also find lush green canopy throughout your hikes, all of which were strategically placed to enhance coastal habitats for sea creatures in our waters.

Besides the sights of the native animals living on Big Sisters’ Island, the little ones can experience the sea within the confines of a lagoon tidal pool, designed to retain seawater during low tide. Kids and parents can even partake in snorkelling activities, spotting moon snails, sea cucumbers and even octopi during their swims.

By providing children with a unique and immersive experience, we can help instil a deeper appreciation for marine conservation. This initiative is further enhanced by the collaboration between the National Parks Board and Singtel, who will incorporate 5G technology across the island to boost monitoring and virtual education programmes as well. 

Discover more coastal activities and amenities on Big Sisters’ Island here.

4. Diving into coral reef and marine conservation with #VoyageToProsperity

This Chinese New Year, we would like to invite you to dive deeper with us, explore the vast coral reefs that are thriving within our waters, and join us in our conservation efforts.

Through our collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE), we have co-created the Voyage To Prosperity Game together with 10-year-old Gabriel Chin. As part of our initiative, we will be donating $10,000 to the coral reef conservation and enhancement efforts by NParks’ Garden City Fund, and you and your little ones can join us to pledge your support for coral reef conservation efforts, simply by playing the game. Each gameplay will count as a pledge towards conserving our coral reefs.

Together with the NParks’ Garden City Fund, we are also illuminating the beauty of coral reefs, which serve as a pivotal foundation for a thriving marine ecosystem on our Geneco Red Packets. 

This is symbolised by the radiant flow of fishes in vivid hues of pink, blue and gold, as well as the blooming corals to represent their flourishing prosperity. Within each red packet, you will also discover the lesser-known facts about our coral reefs and how they are vital to our marine life.

For a chance to win a set of limited edition Geneco Red Packets and $28 eCapitaVoucher, you can also take part in our Facebook and Instagram giveaway contests simply by sharing with us one of the places where Singapore’s coral reefs can be found.

By nurturing an appreciation and sense of responsibility for our marine environment from a young age, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards to build themselves a sustainable future.

Together let’s embark on a #VoyageToProsperity towards a sustainable nation for our next generation. 

And beyond.

Year In Review 2023 with Geneco

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Year In Review 2023 with Geneco

2023 marks a significant year for Geneco as we were thrilled to celebrate our 5th Anniversary, with a noteworthy achievement — the announcement of Singapore’s No.1 Residential Electricity Retailer by the Energy Market Authority with a strong over 20,000 households — a clear testament to our customers’ continuous and growing support over the years.

Beyond the title, being the leading brand serves as an opportunity for us to drive impactful change as we build a sustainable home for future generations, and we are thankful for all who have joined us on our journey to #PowerTheChange for social and environmental good.

As the year comes to a close, join us as we take a look at and celebrate the key milestones.

Keeping Chinese New Year traditions for a sustainable future

We know Chinese New Year to be a time when families often gather and participate in age-old customs to convey well wishes for the new year. Red packet exchanges are common practice, though they are often discarded when celebrations conclude.

With #GreenForProsperity, we created an opportunity to align traditional practices with a more eco-friendly approach and remind everyone about the importance of prioritising sustainability amidst the festivities.

As part of the campaign, we collaborated with the National Parks Board’s (NParks) Garden City Fund to spotlight 4 native wildlife on our Geneco red packets, which are made from 100% recycled paper, to inspire Singaporeans to look deeper into our green spaces and be amazed by our native biodiversity. Within each of these limited-edition Geneco red packets, we also included a lesser-known fact about these chosen wildlife.

Going beyond the sustainability message encapsulated in the red packets, we rallied Singaporeans to take action and make their pledge to support the conservation of our native biodiversity. With over 72,200 pledges received by the end of the initiative, we were heartened to see many Singaporeans who have joined us in our efforts to #PowerTheChange.

With strong support from the public over the years, we also brought back our Used Red Packet Recycling Initiative for its third consecutive year, encouraging all to drop off their used and excess red packets for recycling. Together with partners CRU, IUIGA, OTO, REFASH and Wisma Atria, we placed 30 red packet recycling bins across the island and passed the collected red packets to Tay Paper Recycling to give them a second life of purpose.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from our nation, we collected more than 2,930kg of red packets this year, reflecting the collective efforts put in by Singaporeans to make our long-standing traditions an even greener one.

Celebrating 5 years of Powering The Change

2023 was also a very special year for us as we commemorated our 5th anniversary with #GenecoFiVesta, where we celebrated our customers and partners for supporting us with their trust and growing our Geneco Family to become Singapore’s No. 1 Residential Electricity Retailer, with over 160,000 homes — and most importantly, to thank them for being a part of our journey towards building a more sustainable home for all.

As part of the campaign, we launched our #SeedTheFuture initiative where we partnered with NParks’ registered charity and IPC, Garden City Fund to raise awareness about the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank’s efforts to conserve seeds of threatened plant species in Southeast Asia, to sow the seeds to build a greener future.

In collaboration with local ice cream brand, Apiary, we created the first-ever exclusive carbon-neutral certified Geneco #SeedTheFuture ice cream. Made with natively found fruits and seeds, the main flavour of the ice cream is a refreshing Calamansi Lime accompanied by Attap Seeds, one of the seeds conserved at the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank.

As part of our commitment to NParks’ #OneMillionTrees movement to plant 250 trees over five years and contribute towards the Singapore Green Plan 2030, we also planted another 50 trees at Bedok Reservoir on Earth Day (22 April), marking the third consecutive year of our Plant-A-Tree event. Through our green efforts to #SeedTheFuture, we hoped to continue inspiring all to contribute to Singapore’s goal of becoming a greener and more sustainable city.

Spotlighting the importance of mental well-being

As the happiest nation in Asia, there was no better day than National Day, to shine a spotlight on the importance of mental wellness of our people. 

In celebration of our nation’s  58th birthday, we invited everyone to seek their own secret garden within our City In Nature – and discover a personal haven where they can find solace and rediscover what brings them happiness. 

With 9 Therapeutic Gardens across our nation that have been established by NParks to contribute positively to the well-being of Singaporeans, we hoped to spotlight and bring these gardens to life through our collaboration with Daryl Aiden, where he shared a creative photo collection of how he reimagined the gardens through his lenses. 

As part of the initiative, we showcased the photos of 9 Therapeutic Gardens reimagined by Daryl Aiden for online voting and held photo gallery pop-ups at REFASH Chinatown Point, REFASH Funan, REFASH Tampines One, and Funan Mall for public viewing.

In just one month, we received an overwhelming response of over 45,500 votes and the top 3 winning photos were chosen to be printed on our limited edition Geneco X Daryl Aiden tote bags, and given away with every purchase at all REFASH stores in August – further promoting sustainable practices for Singaporeans.

With all the support and heartfelt comments received during the campaign, we were encouraged to know that many Singaporeans resonated with the campaign and more importantly, that we were able to spark more conversations about mental well-being.

Inspiring all to help turn lives around with second chances

This holiday season, we aimed to share warmth as we inspired the public to embrace hope as a powerful force of change, by providing hope to others through giving second chances and building an even more inclusive society. As part of the initiative, we featured a curated collection of 6 Inspirational Quotes of Hope, surrounding personal themes of hope, encouragement, and connection, specially narrated by Mediacorp 987 DJ Joakim Gomez, and celebrity host, Kelly Latimer.

Together with Yellow Ribbon Project, we invited all to join hands with us to cast ‘The Magic of Hope’, encouraging everyone to contribute towards the rehabilitation and reintegration efforts of inmates and ex-offenders. Through the support of $15,000 to Yellow Ribbon Project, we were delighted to present festive exclusive Red Velvet & Almonds Cookies that have been thoughtfully researched and meticulously handcrafted by inmates from the Yellow Ribbon Bakery.

To continue spreading cheer amidst the festivities, we held our first-ever Net Zero ‘The Magic of Hope’ Pop-up Café, joining hands with Huggs Coffee as well to share the message of helping to turn lives around with second chances. In the spirit of gifting, we gave away a limited edition Geneco Tote Bag and Yellow Ribbon Pin to anyone who voted for their favourite quotes over the weekends, and also encouraged shoppers to drop by the cafe for holiday gifts from Yellow Ribbon Bakery’s Christmas Collection and grab a drink from Huggs Coffee, where a portion of each purchase will directly contribute to the rehabilitation and reintegration efforts of inmates and ex-offenders.

To make this initiative an even more meaningful one, we invited TikTok influencers, Simon Khung and Luke Chan, to spread warmth by giving out free hugs and handing out sweet treats to the public.

With the support of the public, we gave away 46,200 of these festive exclusive cookies to those who voted for their favourite Inspirational Quotes of Hope.

A Final Nod to 2023

Looking back at 2023, we are heartened by the belief and support of our partners, communities and families for our initiatives and in building a sustainable home that we can celebrate for generations to come.

Let’s continue to #PowerTheChange for a brilliant 2024 – one that is filled with hope, joy and purpose.

Before we end the year, here is a look back at our milestones this year in a video recap.

Geneco and Yellow Ribbon Project join hands to cast ‘The Magic of Hope’

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Geneco and Yellow Ribbon Project Join Hands
to Cast ‘The Magic of Hope’

As the year-end approaches, it is not only an opportunity for us to look back at what we could have done differently but it is also a time for us to look ahead and think about how we can do better. Not just for ourselves, but for others as well, especially those who need help to make right what was wrong.

This festive season, we have joined hands with Yellow Ribbon Project for a meaningful and heartwarming initiative — The Magic of Hope, to help turn around lives for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a better tomorrow.

Vote For Your Favourite Inspirational Quotes of Hope

As part of our campaign, we have curated a collection of 6 Inspirational Quotes of Hope narrated by Mediacorp 987 DJ Joakim Gomez and celebrity host Kelly Latimer. Each of these quotes surrounds personal themes of hope, encouragement, and connection.

Through these quotes, we hope to inspire all on the boundless possibilities that accompany each journey and share the message of hope with those who are going through a challenging time.

Simply visit www.themagicofhope.sg to vote for up to 6 of your favourite Inspirational Quotes of Hope and you can stand a chance to be 1 of 5 lucky winners to receive $100 eCapitaVoucher. Voting can be done daily from now till 31 December 2023. If you know of anyone who needs encouragement during this time of the year, you can also download these quotes by clicking on the icon at the bottom of each video and sharing it with them.

We are also heartened to have Key Opinion Leaders like Belinda Lee, Ben Yeo, Rui En, and Sonia Chew, who have shared their personal story on second chances. Check out their posts below.

Savour our Exclusive Festive Cookies

Through the support of $15,000 to Yellow Ribbon Project, Geneco is delighted to present festive exclusive Red Velvet & Almonds cookies that have been thoughtfully researched and meticulously handcrafted by inmates. If you wish to receive one of these 3000 complimentary festive gifts, look out for our pop-up café in December.

These specially crafted cookies provide the inmates with valuable skills as they work towards their successful reintegration into society. We hope that you can support the initiative to reaffirm their worth and bolster their confidence to guide them on their paths toward a brighter future.

Welcome to The Magic of Hope Pop-up Café

Join us at our first-ever Net Zero pop-up café this holiday outside ION Orchard from 7 to 17 December, 10 AM to 10 PM. At our café, you can do your Christmas shopping and buy the perfect gift from Yellow Ribbon Bakery’s festive collection and drinks from Huggs Coffee, where a portion of each purchase directly contributes to the rehabilitation and reintegration efforts of inmates and ex-offenders.

Receive a limited-edition Geneco tote bag along with a Yellow Ribbon pin, between 7 to 17 December on weekdays at the pop-up when you vote for your favourite Inspirational Quotes of Hope. Those who vote at the pop-up cafe during the weekends of 9 to 10 December and 16 to 17 December will be rewarded with a bag of exclusive Geneco x Yellow Ribbon Red Velvet & Almonds cookies.

Don’t miss out on the special guest appearance of TikTok influencers, Simon Khung and Luke Chan who will be visiting the pop-up café on 9 December, 6 PM to 8 PM. To spread the joy, they will be giving out free hugs as well as the exclusive Geneco x Yellow Ribbon cookies to those who have voted.

Join us as we #PowerTheChange for a fresh start, for new beginnings and for a better tomorrow.


3 Brands in Singapore creating sustainable staples

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3 Brands in Singapore creating sustainable staples

In Singapore, many of us understand the need to embrace sustainability and minimise our environmental footprint. However, when it comes to taking action, we can see that there is more to be done — each of us generates roughly nine tonnes of CO2 every year, exceeding more than four times the target required to maintain a sustainable footprint.

It is becoming clear that every action, no matter how sm