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Get The Lowest Trial Plan In Town At 16.72¢/kWh

6 months trial plan for you to try us out.

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Get Super Low Fixed Rate At 17.66¢/kWh

$50 Bill Rebate and $20 Grocery Voucher with Get It Fixed 24 plan.

Enjoy Golden Savings Of Over $600

Switch and get endless savings with us!

It's Our Business To Power Your Commercial Needs

With over 49 years of experience in energy generation, you can trust us to power your company.

Switching is simple.
Start from choosing your Geneco plan here.

Save up to 25% against regulated tariff of 22.21 cents per kWh. No hidden charges or monthly administration fees!


Get It Fixed 24

Fixed rate for 24 months

Get It Fixed 24

Use promo code GOLDEN50 ($50 off bill for non-SP customers) or
GOLDEN70 ($50 off bill + $20 grocery voucher for SP customers) 

*Your Estimated Bill

$ 79.51 /month
incl. GST

With a fixed electricity rate for the duration of your contract, you’ll never have to worry about any fluctuations in the electricity market.

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Get It Green

Zero carbon footprint for 12 months

Get It Green

Sign up now to enjoy super low rate of 17.45¢/kWh for 12 months!

*Your Estimated Bill

$ 78.57 /month
incl. GST

Be an eco-warrior at no extra cost. Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help power a more sustainable world.

Key Benefits

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Give Us A Try

Big discounted rate for 6 months

Give Us A Try

Online exclusive and limited time only. Promotion and referral codes are not applicable.

*Your Estimated Bill

$ 75.28 /month
incl. GST

Not ready for a long-term commitment? Sign up for our 6-month trial plan to decide if we’re a good fit.

Key Benefits

  • No transmission loss charges
  • No monthly fees
  • No security deposit

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*Calculation based on $100 average household bill. Measured against prevailing Regulated Tariff every quarter for entire contract period and includes GST. Prevailing Regulated Tariff is updated on the 1st of January, April, July and October.

We are currently updating our Geneco plans.

Please check back in a moment for more exciting plan with no hidden charges or monthly administration fees!

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Energise Your Savings With A Reliable Power Supplier

Why waste money on expensive electricity? With no hidden charges and low prices all year round, you can always expect big savings from all of our price plans.

Geneco customers have saved more than 30% of their bills

How much will you save with Geneco?

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Here’s what people are saying about us

YeeTing Gwee

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Many good reviews and explanation is detailed enough before i sign up the contract with Geneco. Rate is competitive with other electric provider in the market too, finally choose Geneco because your staff positive attitude. Look forward to your service rendered in future! 😊

Gary Lee

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It's been 3 months and so far the bills have shown significant savings. No hiccups in the switch and the rebates were useful. Strongly consider this as your option when deciding on your electricity provider.

Evon Liu

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Have walked through roadshows and read many online reviews; Geneco seems to be of best value and reliability among all the companies.

EDIT: no disruption to switch and it's been 2 months since switching and the savings on electricity per month are a whopping ~30%.

*Certain credit cards also offer rebates.

James Toh

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*10 Aug* I cannot emphasise any furthur how easy it is to switch, and that the amount of value and savings from switching to Geneco seems almost ridiculous. You can continue researching all you want, but I believe this has the best value and also the most reliable amongst all the companies.

You literally will pay nothing for the first few months.

I've picked to use the fixed 24 mth contract (due to rising tariffs). Don't end up paying more if tariffs keep increasing!

Nur Hidayah

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Switched and already Signed up with Geneco. By far the best and the lowest yet reasonable tariffs OEM providers in town. Was introduced by a fellow colleague about Geneco and the explanation about the process was also done by him. Grateful for the help and my family is definitely happy that we decided to switch to Geneco.

Matteus Ho

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sign up process was easy online. Bill comes on time into my email and company provides gppd rates and discounts for my bill.

Priscilla Wong

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Application online was straight forward. Geneco offers competitive prices and attractive rebates. No problem with them till now. Oh and I like the candid environment friendly videos and tips.

Rajesh Suguru Pmp Ltil

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So far it's great experience with Geneco. I did two weeks of research in Internet and in most of the roadshows across the Singapore. At the end after careful consideration of the factors such as benefits, discounts , charges per unit and the reviews on service excellence I decided to chose Geneco as my electricity vendor. I referred most of my friends after I experienced the great value services by my self. Almost every individual whom I referred are quite happy and feeling joy of being Geneco customers. Thanks Geneco for more savings and high quality services.

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Geneco. #PowerTheChange

Geneco doesn't just generate, supply and retail electricity that runs your everyday; we also believe that energy can drive the change for a better, more sustainable world. Which is why we are putting our energy behind the changemakers who are striving to make the world a better place. Because when good energy becomes better, our world becomes greater.

We've Got Your Back

We’ve got your back

With plans for every need, a simple switching process and award-winning customer service, you can expect nothing short of awesome at Geneco.

We Know Energy

We know energy

Energy runs in our veins. From generating electricity to retailing energy, B2B partnerships to relationships with the individual customer, gas and oil to solar and waste. We’re the energy experts.

We Love Our Planet

We love our planet

More than retailing electricity, Geneco is committed to saving the planet, one eco-initiative at a time.

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