Our Price Match Guarantee

At Geneco, we want to give you a peace of mind, with our most competitive rates so that you do not waste time comparing prices.

Most competitive rates


1.Most competitive rates

We are committed to offering you the most competitive rates in town.

Within 7 days


2.Within 7 days

If you see a price lower than ours within 7 working days of signing up, Geneco will refund you the difference for the contract period

Terms and Conditions

1. Only applicable for Get It Fixed 24 price plan at non-promotional rate and standard plan as stated in EMA's price comparison website. 

2. Refund applicable to 400kWh load per month and up to $30 per contract period.

3. Each plan is only entitled to price match once.

4. Write to marketing@geneco.sg and send us the proof of pricing plan and your Geneco contract details.

5. Allow 30 working days for verification. If verified, the refund is done in shopping vouchers rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.

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