Eco-friendly habits to keep as we enter a new lifestyle phase

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Eco-friendly habits to keep as we enter a new lifestyle phase

The world was a much different place a few months back when we were greeted with the news of having to stay in for the greater good. Navigating through those months were no doubt one of the biggest changes in lifestyle we have had to experience. As countries worldwide have started to ease lockdown restrictions, let us continue practicing the sustainable habits we have adopted in our day to day lives. Combating climate change is still very much a global challenge that everyone needs to play their part in:

1. Grow your own produce

It is little wonder that there has been more interest in home farming during this period as more people try their hand in growing their own microgreens, herbs, and edibles in their own homes.

The sprout of this hobby might have been no surprise with more people exploring new passion projects while staying in. Having a hand at tending to your own garden and harvesting your own produce have not only helped to promote sustainable eating, it has also shed light on the importance of food security in Singapore.

Many parents have even gotten their children on board by showing them how easy it is to have a hand in growing their own food using green beans or vegetable food scrapes. Others, who ignited their passion for the hobby, took their green fingers to the next level by growing their own vegetables such as bak choy and lady fingers within their homes.

The best part about joining this community of green enthusiasts? There are plenty of gardening groups and experts who are open and willing to share their tips and knowledge on how to start and manage your own home gardens! Cultivate Central, one of our ChangeMaker partners have been championing and supporting a grow-your-own culture since their inception. They have recently launched various content on their Instagram page on how anyone can start their own home gardens, even within small spaces.

2. Planning your meals

Food has certainly become one of the highlights to our days at home. Planning ahead for meals and when to slot in that sweet treat of the week might have become second nature to us all!

By planning your meals ahead of time, it helps you keep track of what you are eating and ensures a balanced diet is maintained. Also, having a list of ingredients needed for the week, helps to make sure we buy only what is necessary to prevent food wastage.

Other perks of planning your meals include being able to be creative at home and trying out new recipes that you probably have been putting off for a while. Among your friends and family, you might have discovered hidden gems who are actually master chefs in the kitchen.

3. Support Local

In a bid to help homegrown businesses to continue running and stay alive, its heart-warming to see Singaporeans start various initiatives and encourage everyone to play whatever part they can to show some love and help local businesses tide through. Some of the ways that Singaporeans have pitched in include buying gift vouchers or choosing to support local hawkers.

Many Singaporeans have also turned to buying local produce in their support for local farms. One of Geneco’s ChangeMaker ComCrop, makes use of unused rooftop spaces to grow their produce in the heart of Singapore to reduce carbon footprint for locals and complete the farm-to-table experience. Supporting farms like them not only ensures that they stay in business, but it continues to champion for Singapore’s steady flow of local produce to greater ensure the nation’s food security.

4. Bring your Own

With every takeaway and delivery, it is hard to ignore the amount of plastic that has piled up from the past couple of months. Singaporeans have however, been encouraged to bring their own clean containers when doing takeaways from their favourite food establishments and opting to turn down single-use cutlery when ordering through delivery apps.

Last year, plastic waste alone accounted for 30% of Singapore’s three million tonnes of trash. As we continue to practice safe distancing and enjoy our favourite local delights from the comfort of our homes, we can continue to ingrain this habit of using our own containers to reduce pollution in the landfills.

5. Conserve Energy

Working from home has become the de facto norm so much so that it has extended the hours we spend on our desktop daily. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that you will see a shift in your energy consumption at home with an increased amount of time the lights and air-conditioned remain turned on. This also translates to higher electricity bills and a greater impact on the environment.

Therefore, be responsible in your electricity usage and conserve where you can save money. Inculcate positive habits to keep electricity bills low and continue to adopt them as we enter the “new normal”. Some easy habits that Singaporeans can continue to practice at home include using natural light whenever possible or unplugging electronic devices when not in use.

We have seen how by coming together, the world can affect real change. The fight against climate change might seem like a tall order at this junction, but everyone must know that individual actions do add up and contribute to saving the environment. A global community is what we have become so let’s not lose this opportunity as we strive to keep these habits in our daily lives and make a difference for the Earth and future generations.

Green energy for your home: How going green could be easier (and more affordable) than you think

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Green energy for your home: How going green could be easier (and more affordable) than you think

As working from home remains the norm for most of us, it is no surprise that more energy will be consumed over the next couple of months. With more frequent usage of our laptops and home appliances, we need to pay greater attention to our electricity consumption habits.

Easy changes we can make include, choosing the fan over the air-conditioner, or simply unplugging your electrical appliances whenever they are not in use. But more than that, Singaporeans should choose to go green with eco-friendly energy alternatives for your home.

Why choose green energy?

Green energy, also known as renewable energy, refers to energy derived from natural resources such as sunlight and wind. As these resources are potentially infinite, they can be used again and again.

Renewable energy also has a positive impact for future generations, unlike the conventional method of generating electricity by burning fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are resources that will diminish eventually with continued use. While it may not affect our generation now, these resources will undeniably and most definitely run out in the future

Moreover, the burning of fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases, which is the main culprit of global warming.

With a growing world population and a developing economy, more energy will be required. There need to be a collective effort in finding more sustainable ways of producing it and integrating it into our daily lives. Driving towards a low-carbon future with green energy remains a key priority for our future generations.

Going carbon neutral

While a full transition to green energy would be the most ideal solution, most companies and organisations often face limitations in doing so for the corporate activities. How then can we play our part as individuals?

Enter Carbon Neutrality.

Going carbon neutral is a practical and affordable way for individuals to take responsibility for your carbon footprint. With the amount of greenhouse gases that were added to the atmosphere because of your consumption, it contributes to the overall carbon footprint generated by you.

By going carbon neutral, it allows you to offset the emissions released, and this can be done through the purchase of carbon credits. These credits will then be channelled to help fund projects that reduce carbon or greenhouse emissions. Examples of these projects include, updating power plants and factories, or increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and transportation.

Energy Savings, Cost Savings

Geneco is committed to power change for a more sustainable energy future. With our Get It Green plan, a 100% carbon-neutral electricity plan, you can go green with every kilowatt per hour of energy consumed.

With Geneco’s Super Saver campaign between June and July, enjoy the lowest rate of 17.45 cents per kWh and be an eco-warrior at no extra cost.

Choosing to power your home with green energy may seem like a small, insignificant change, but it is these small actions we choose to adopt in our daily lives that can collectively make a big difference for the future generations to come.

Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help power a more sustainable world.

For more information about Geneco’s “Get it Green” plan, visit the link here.