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3 Ways you can join Singapore’s eco-movement for a greener tomorrow

As environmental concerns continue to grow in urgency, it is inspiring to see our city-state emerge as a leader in sustainability. Over the past decade, Singapore has implemented a range of eco-friendly policies to address the challenges posed by climate change.

From the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to the recent discontinuation of free plastic bag distribution in supermarkets, our government’s dedication to sustainability has set a precedent for communities to follow suit. Now, more grassroots initiatives and volunteer programs have emerged, championing climate action and amplifying the call for a greener future for all.

In honour of World Ozone Day tomorrow (16 September 2023), let’s cast a spotlight on these impactful green communities and explore three meaningful ways that we, as individuals, can contribute to Singapore’s ecological goals.

1. Join hands in restoring Singapore’s natural landscape with NUS Toddycats

With a land area of 728 square kilometres, Singapore is home to over 40,000 native species, making us one of the most densely populated nations to co-exist with endemic wildlife.

While national endeavours like the Plant-A-Tree initiative and Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef Programme from the National Parks Board diligently work to protect these vital habitats, the responsibility also trickles down to local communities to safeguard these areas against pollution, so that local biodiversity can thrive further.To gain a deeper understanding of our natural ecosystem, consider volunteering with the NUS Toddycats, a dedicated group of wildlife enthusiasts at the forefront of Singapore’s conservation efforts. 

Established in 1999, the group consists of volunteers from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. Here, they engage participants in green activities, ranging from educational and research initiatives, to guided walks and outdoor excursions that offer hands-on opportunities for anyone to take part in conserving our environment. 

Their recent roster of events include mangrove clean-ups and reforestation projects, with more to come until the end of the year. If you’re keen to participate and learn more about how you can help restore and rehabilitate our precious wildlife, keep an eye out for upcoming programmes on their website and Instagram.

2. Dive deep into sustainable processes with CGS Experiences

While active participation in volunteer efforts remains paramount, staying informed about sustainability trends and environmental discussions is equally vital, so that we are equipped with valuable techniques that we can incorporate into our personal lives.

For a comprehensive exploration of green living, look to Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Experiences for a more holistic understanding of the sustainability landscape in Singapore.

From urban farming practices to e-waste recycling, CGS Experiences regularly hosts events that take participants on educational journeys, offering a behind-the-scenes look at our island’s unsung heroes driving Singapore’s ambitious green goals. 

Their ongoing event, Food Waste Learning Journey, is an eye-opening experience that delves into the hidden world of food waste management at Our Tampines Hub. There, you’ll get to witness how food waste accumulated from hawker centres, supermarkets and outlets are taken to an on-site ecoDigester, which converts them into non-potable water and organic fertiliser to support a circular economy, while minimising waste. 

Learn a thing or two from their innovative strategies, and apply them to your own composting routines as you work towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

3. Introduce your children to sustainability with The Eco Statement

While adopting zero-waste practices in our personal lives is essential, it is equally important as parents and educators to instil the values of sustainability in the next generation. This is crucial for building a resilient and eco-conscious society.

With The Eco Statement, you’ll get to involve your young ones in environmental education through game-based activities, such as Singapore’s first eco-board and card game, which adopts the snakes-and-ladder approach to teach young minds about recycling and waste management.

Enhanced with colourful graphics and interactive lessons, your kids will be able to quickly develop a sense of eco-awareness that will equip them with an understanding of the natural world around them. 

They will also be hosting a FunLearn Fiesta in October, a curated enrichment fair that gathers education service providers ranging from wellness, neuroscience, dance, thematic play, and sustainability all under one roof.

Sign up for green workshops with the little ones, picking up practical skills and low-waste habits that will leave a lasting impact for years to come. They’ll also discover the joy of being part of a community of like-minded young environmental enthusiasts!

Find out more about The Eco Statement and their upcoming events on their website.

Volunteer, Support, Make a Change

As Singapore continues to lead the charge in sustainability, every minute contribution matters. By engaging in activities that restore nature, adopting sustainable practices, and fostering an eco-conscious mindset, we are sowing the seeds of change that will cultivate a greener, brighter future for our nation. 

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Let’s continue to #PowerTheChange towards the conservation of the environment that we all share.