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More than meets the eye – How baking soda is a hidden gem in any household

An unassuming pantry ingredient that truly is more than what you would expect, baking soda may just be one of your household’s best-kept secret with its versatility and the benefits it brings to the table. An indispensable item in any home, baking soda has multiple applications in the kitchen and the bathroom, to being a big hit among the children during playtime. Its manifold household uses instead of chemical-laden commercial alternatives makes this the greener option to keep around the house.

The baking ingredient has no chemicals or toxins within, putting your mind at ease when being utilised in your daily life for your home and family. To uncover the potential behind this ultimate multi-purpose ingredient, here are some ideas that you can use with baking soda to fully reap the wonderful benefits behind this magical ingredient.

Washing your fruits and vegetables

While an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away with the health benefits fruits and vegetables bring, we do want to make sure that the produce that we consume is pesticide-free as well. You will be surprised that even the most organic produce may contain pesticide residue too.

Instead of purchasing a fruit and vegetable liquid wash where you incur a greater use of plastic, consider a homemade version that is good for the earth and the entire family. According to a research by University of Massachusetts in Amherst, it was found that washing apples in water with a dash of baking soda is the most effective way to remove pesticide residue [1]. All you need to do is to leave your fruits and vegetables in a baking soda and water mixture (a sprinkle is really all you need) and let the solution break apart any leftover residue that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


A mouthwash is a great step to include in maintaining your oral hygiene to keep your breath fresh and the gaps between your teeth clean. But reaching out for that funky blue mouthwash with a list of foreign ingredients, you will be surprised that making your own mouthwash is actually a much greener alternative and can be made possible with just baking soda that keeps your mouth just as clean while doing good for the environment.

Baking soda has shown to neutralise the acid of the mouth and an effective replacement for alcohol-based mouthwash [2]. The recipe is simple and only involves adding ½ teaspoon of baking soda to half a glass of water. Mix it all up and you have your own homemade organic mouthwash.

DIY family craft – Rainbow Volcano

A kid-friendly activity that can be easily made with baking soda and other household items is a testament that fun is always around us, even in the works of nature. This natural DIY volcano experiment sees the reaction between an acid and a base, and the results are safe for all and guaranteed fun for everyone.

The ingredients to make this magical rainbow volcano simply include items commonly found in the kitchen such as baking soda, vinegar, food colouring and dish soap. We recommend doing this green experiment outdoors or in an area where it is safe to get wet and easy to access for the children. A shallow plastic bin is a great option to contain the mess without compromising on the fun!


Fungi problems may be a common phenomenon faced by gardeners that can affect any plants’ health. It can quickly damage and even kill plants. Common symptoms include scabs, wilting, powdery mildew or rotted plant tissue.

A quick and easy trick to treat this would be to make your own baking soda spray that is safe for plants and can prevent the fungi from spreading. This natural concoction is a great switch up from chemically formulated pesticide. Not only are they safe for plants and herbs, they are also safe for our bodies when used on edible produce grown for family and friends. Check out this recipe on how you can create your own mixture for your home garden.

Removing odours

Baking soda is great at absorbing odours and can leave any area feeling fresh and clean just as well as an air freshener. The list of areas it could be used as a deodorizer ranges from the trash can to smelly shoes or even the odour of overstayed food in your fridge. Simply fill a sachet of baking soda and let science do the work to neutralise and mask any odour. A great perk to making your own deodorizer is reducing the need to purchase air freshener cans. While these aerosol cans could be possibly recycled, a great habit to cultivate will be to reduce our consumption instead.

Treating heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation in your chest and is also often known as acid reflux [3]. It’s caused by acid refluxing out of the stomach when contents go back up into the esophagus.

The causes of it include overeating or consumption of certain types of food such as onions, citrus products, or spicy food.

Baking soda can help to treat this by neutralising the acid [4] when taken with care. Simply by mixing half a teaspoon with at least half a cup of water may be a quick natural fix to relieve the symptoms.

Stain remover

Removing those pesky food and drink stains from your clothes may just have gotten easier, more affordable, and greener with the simple use of baking soda. When dissolved with water, the baking soda can interact with the acid found in stains and help to remove them.

Simply add it into your laundry detergents when washing your clothes and it can get them looking fresh as new.

You could even cut your energy use with your washing machine due to quicker loads. Baking soda aids in boosting detergent performance and reducing suds for a shorter wash time. Finding ways to reduce your energy use at home is always a step forward towards a greener future.

If baking soda was just your usual baking must-have, we hope this guide has opened your eyes on the infinite uses of this hidden gem. Stocking up on this non-toxic ingredient is not only great for reducing unnecessary plastic packaging from multiple cleaning and household products, it will keep your home free of dangerous chemicals for a healthier environment [5]. You can even take the extra step to purchase it from your local bulk stores which further eliminates the use of single-use plastics!

After all, taking collective steps to being more mindful in our consumption sends a message to corporations and brands on the changing trends and the importance of living more sustainably. By adopting these small green practices, we can together #PowerTheChange for a greener future.


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