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Indulge in nature’s gifts with local handcrafted botanical brands

With their vibrant colours, captivating fragrances, and aesthetic charm, flowers have an enchanting allure that can illuminate even the dullest of spaces. 

Beyond their visual appeal, flowers have been found to have great effects on your mental health, such as by reducing cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress. For those working from home, surrounding yourself with floral displays can also improve your productivity and focus, by reducing mental fatigue, fostering creativity, and creating a more pleasant atmosphere conducive to efficient work.

While botanical products are readily available in stores, shopping local botanical brands allows you to enjoy high-quality, handcrafted products, while supporting the local economy and reducing your carbon footprint. 

In this month’s article, let’s explore three homegrown brands that are known on our radar for their unique botanical creations, and discover new ways to infuse your space with a natural elegance and elevate your living environment.

1. Experience the art of sustainable floristry with Echevaria.co

If you have attended large events, you would have noticed that fresh exotic flowers are often the go-to centrepieces. While visually stunning, these flowers tend to wilt quickly after the event, leading to unnecessary waste.

Moreover, the logistics of sourcing exotic plants can rake up significant carbon emissions, with Kenyan roses, for instance, taking up to 18 hours of flight time to arrive in Singapore. 

That is why local botanical studio Echevaria.co is reimagining floral artistry by opting for rooted plants and cuttings from local and regional flora, which can be potted back into soil after its use. Their unique approach not only reduces the environmental impact associated with imported flowers, but also allows guests to enjoy their bouquets long after the event. 

You can repot plant cuttings in your home garden, and with proper care and maintenance, they can transform into stunning houseplants for your living space. 

By shopping with Echavaria.co, you are not only supporting local and regional biodiversity but also contributing to the circularity of plant life as they continue to have a second lease of life. 

Discover their range of Repottable Bouquets, which includes succulents known for their low-maintenance qualities, ideal for beginners in this space.

2. Preserving nature’s beauty with Slow Green

Fresh plants are not the only way to bring greenery into your home. If your busy schedule leaves little time for tending to live plants, preserved plants might be the perfect alternative. 

As its name suggests, preserved plants don’t need watering, pruning or sunlight, yet they can retain their natural beauty and texture, offering all the visual greenery with zero maintenance. 

Slow Green is a local botanical studio offering their take on preserved plant arrangements using natural materials like plants, stones and woods to craft vibrant, ethereal decor pieces that can instantly transform any space. 

The founders at Slow Green are true artisans of their craft, meticulously creating each pot by hand, putting quality over quantity in their final creations. What’s more, they embrace an ‘all plants are equal’ approach, avoiding the trend of favouring rare or exotic species. This way, common flora can shine in its own right, while reducing the environmental impact of sourcing plants, helping to preserve our local biodiversity.

Choosing Slow Green allows you to admire nature’s gifts without the usual upkeep. Not only do you get long-lasting decor, but your purchase will also support a brand that prioritises sustainability while respecting the natural world. 

You can explore and shop their range of plants and decorative pieces on their website.

3. Indulge in artisanal, botanical soaps with Rough Beautys

Going beyond traditional pots and planters, another subtle way to bring flora into your space is through botanical-infused soaps. 

These days, many of us are opting for natural alternatives over mass-produced bath and body products, mainly because of their skin-loving, eco-conscious qualities that are in stark contrast to synthetic chemicals, which can harm both your skin and the environment with every wash.

Rough Beauty, a Singapore-based artisanal bath and body brand, provides a refreshing solution with their botanical soaps and bath essentials. On a mission to inspire mindful living, they handcraft soaps in small batches using botanicals sourced from around the world. Their commitment to using natural ingredients like essential oils and dried herbs ensures that only the finest, skin-safe elements make it into their products.

Their focus on natural ingredients and zero-waste practices also means their products are gentle on your skin and less harmful to water ecosystems. Moreover, they even sell loose soap pieces to minimise waste, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability.

By choosing Rough Beauty, you support a brand that prioritises both quality and the environment. Their botanical-infused soaps offer an easy way to bring the essence of nature into your daily routine, while offering an eco-friendly yet luxurious bathing experience. 

Check out their best-sellers on their website, along with household soaps to give your home an extra touch of luxury.

Bringing nature indoors

Whether it is through cultivating a green thumb or shopping for botanical products, there are plenty of ways to creatively introduce nature at home, and we encourage everyone to look to our local brands and support emerging talents in this space. 

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Together, let’s join hands to #PowerTheChange and nurture our nature for a sustainable future.