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Discover green learning adventures this June holidays

With the June holidays in full swing, now is the perfect time to keep the little ones engaged with fun and meaningful activities that will nurture their curiosity and appreciation for the environment. 

While schools have begun to incorporate environmental education into their curriculum, the holidays offer a unique opportunity for parents to deepen this learning beyond the classroom. 

In this month’s blog, we have curated a range of sustainability-themed activities to ignite your children’s passion for the environment. Let’s make this June holidays a time of discovery, growth, and eco-friendly adventures.

1. Build a green home with DesignTinkers

In an urbanised city like Singapore, our buildings account for over 20% of the nation’s carbon emissions today. In line with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, almost 55% of our buildings have been made greener, and plans are underway to green at least 80% of buildings by 2030, as part of the Singapore Green Building Masterplan. Even HDBs today are adopting large scale  energy-saving solutions like the implementation of smart technologies, such as sensors and solar panels to reduce our energy consumption. 

If your little one has shown an interest in built environments, DesignTinkers has organised a 2-day holiday camp where kids are exposed to the design and eco-friendly construction techniques used in our communities. 

Led by architects, designers and educators, the camp will teach children basic concepts and initiatives, ultimately helping them in the lead-up to creating a 3D prototype of their dream eco-home.

Through hands-on cardboard construction, they will have a go at putting their creativity in practice, crafting and assembling a sustainable home with principles that they have learned or seen in their daily lives. 

The little ones will undoubtedly feel immense pride in their final creation, and this experience may also spark a lifelong interest in architecture for your child. 

Register for their upcoming classes here.

2. Join an outdoor camp with City Sprouts

Now that school is out, the little ones can finally enjoy more time for outdoor play. After all, global experts recommend at least an hour of outdoor activity per day to stimulate their imagination, learning and improve their overall wellbeing.

A 2-day outdoor camp with City Sprouts will see little ones fully immersed in our natural environment in an effort to cultivate their appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Starting at the Kids’ Adventure Camp, the young ones will be guided through key themes, such as food security and biodiversity conservation. Set against natural landscapes, these camps allow children—who often spend most of their time indoors at school—to enjoy first-hand encounters with nature in a safe and sensible way. 

In addition, kids will get to improve their social skills as they mingle with other participants, with games and activities to promote collaboration, critical and creative thinking during the camp. 

With two camps located in Henderson and West Coast, you can find the one most convenient for your family here.

3. Get creative through sustainable crafts with Our Arts Studio

No holiday is complete without having a memento of the new experiences you have shared with your family. If you would like to create your own crafts but are no DIY expert yourself, you can join your little ones in an eco-casting workshop with Our Arts Studio

Using an eco-friendly, recyclable material known as jesmonite, the workshop will see participants create mini trays, coasters and even phone holders using various techniques like marbling and terrazzo. 

Jesmonite, celebrated for its versatility and sustainability, allows kids to unleash their creativity while making functional items for home use. This will not only hone their DIY skills, it will also help reduce environmental footprint through the process of handcrafting instead of buying mass-produced items. 

Much like the eco-home project, this will supplement your child’s understanding of sustainable materials, and it will give them a unique gift to remember this one of a kind experience with Mum and Dad. 

Learn more and register your family for the workshop here.

Attend a free movie screening with us

As we commemorate World Environment Day this June (5 June 2024), we would also like to invite families to join us for a screening of the multi-award winning climate change movie “The Human Element” at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, on Saturday night, 29 June 2024. 

The documentary follows the journey of environmental photographer James Balog as he tracks real-world heroes at the front line of climate change. Centering around the four natural elements, Balog’s film will surely be an insightful experience for your teenagers as they witness the reality of environmental issues today. 

If you would like to join us for a delightful evening, you can register here.

Keep sustainability in mind this school holiday

With a blend of education, creativity, and fun, the June school holidays can be both enjoyable and enriching for children. Whether your child is building a sustainable home, exploring the outdoors, crafting eco-friendly art, or learning about climate change through film, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

If any of these activities piqued your child’s curiosity in sustainability, you can also join our Facebook or Instagram giveaway and be one of 10 lucky winners to take home a $30 eCapitaVoucher and a Geneco Green Starter Kit (worth $40) that consists of a foldable umbrella, collapsible water bottle, reusable straw, and grocery net bag.

Simply answer the question in our comments section: “Name 1 green learning adventure from our blog that you can experience with your child this June holidays”. The contest ends on 30th June 2024. Terms and conditions apply. 

Let’s continue to #PowerTheChange and inspire young advocates for a greener tomorrow.