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8 Spring Cleaning Tips for the New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and tradition says that one of the most important priorities you have to focus on when it comes to bringing good fortune into your life is to be organized and clean.

Cleaning your entire home can be time-consuming, but this can be done by dedicating a single weekend to orchestrate a major cleaning session, or in various pockets of time—aiming to complete the tasks one step at a time. In fact, spring cleaning can be a fun family activity which doubles up as bonding time, as parents can also involve the children in the spring cleaning as well to allow them to take ownership of the space they live in.

Either way, it will be all worth it when you look up and see a clean and tidy environment for you and your family. To help you kick start your cleaning spree, here are 8 tips to help you organise your spring cleaning list.

1. Clear the decorations

With every festive holiday, we love to decorate our houses to bask in the festivity. From the Christmas tree by the living room to the Chinese couplets hanging by the door for prosperity and good luck, Singaporeans love dressing up their homes. However, once the holiday ends, we may find the decorations to be there a tat longer than they were meant to be.

Before the year gets busy, set some time to clear the decorations and make space for a clean and airy space for yourself and your family. Don’t wait till the next holiday to see the previous festive decorations still there

2. Use your old toothbrushes

Before you throw out your old toothbrushes, do remember that they can also serve as mini brushes that can help get the grime and dirt out from the smallest corners—so put them with your cleaning supplies.

You may find it exceptionally useful in cleaning every nook and cranny or your bathroom taps and between the grime between the kitchen tiles.

3. Clean your mattress and under it

On average, we spend 7 hours a day sleeping. This makes our mattress one of the most utilised furniture in our homes so thorough care should go into it to ensure we get a restful sleep in a clean space.

Watch out for the space under your bed and the gap between the headboard and the mattress. These areas are where we tend to overlook when spring cleaning. Take it a step further by opting to vacuum your bed as well. You will be surprised by the amount of dust and linen collected on it that may have negative impacts on your health should it be overlooked.

4. That’s got to go

The amount of stuff that we accumulate each year never fails to scare us at the end of the year when we spring clean. In 2016 alone, 150,000 tonnes of textile and leather waste was generated in Singapore, of which only seven per cent was recycled.

Instead, set aside bins to make the decluttering easier by categorising them into:

  • Keep
  • Donate/Sell
  • Recycle
  • Throw

Following which, do a stock take on your possessions and clear out what you do not need. You may even want to mull over your shopping habits over the year and work on taking steps towards a more conscious consumption. Not only will it prevent clutter at home, but also allows you to play a part to reduce unnecessary consumption.

5. Make your own homemade cleansers

Not only can you make them out of the ingredients right from your pantry, homemade cleansers also informs you of what actually goes into it to ensure the safety for you and your family.

Making your own is not all that tough. Find out how you can go natural with homemade cleaning cleansers and make some of your own.

6. Make a plan

Cleaning your home in a single day is an almost impossible task unless you have all hands on deck to help you out. A spring-cleaning checklist is necessary to ensure that all chores are covered, and the house is clean (and an organiser can come in handy!).

Your plan should include all the areas you are targeting to clean, the methods to use, and the tools needed. It should also allocate time for the tasks and resource delegation should you have some help.

7. Harness the goodness from the sun

Fight the dust mites on your bedding and pillows by using the sun. This is a great way to freshen all kinds of cushion, pillows, mattresses and comforters to get rid of all the dust mites and any lingering sweat odors. Do ensure the covers are taken off and regularly flip it after an hour on each side.

8. Leave the floor to the last

Cleaning of floors should come last after you have cleaned everything else including walls. Nobody wants dirt and dust all over vacuumed and mopped floor. By starting from top to bottom, you avoid making a mess on areas you have already cleaned.

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