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6 Resolutions for a Sustainable 2020

Before we jump on the bandwagon of setting our New Year resolutions for 2020, let us reflect on the past year and ask ourselves—how many of these goals have we actually kept, and how many of them have we just resigned to the let’s try again next year category?

Well, it’s not too late to get back on track and achieving your resolutions for the year. It’s just about having SMART goals—that is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound—rather than generic resolutions.

Here are 6 SMART eco-friendly goals that we can all make to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle:

1) Cultivate your green fingers and try your hand at urban gardening

The benefits that urban gardening bring about is limited to not only educating people to be appreciative of food sources but to also cultivate community bonding and the increased use of green spaces. You can try growing your own herbs and food in the comfort of your own home. Start off with some of the commonly grown plants such as basil and mint. But if you find that too daunting, you can seek out a community garden to be part of. Joining a community garden will allow you to practice sustainable living by growing your own harvest, but to also bond and learn from other urban gardeners within the neighbourhood.

2020 SMART goal: Grow a basil plant and use it for your meals

2) Swap driving for public transport

Last year, statistics from the Land Transport Authority showed a decrease in the total number of vehicles in Singapore to 957,006 – the lowest since 2016. By opting to take public transport more frequently instead of driving your own car, you can play your part in reducing harmful carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Additionally, you would also be contributing to a more efficient transport system by reducing the number of vehicles and congestion on the road. With an expanding MRT system, getting anywhere in Singapore via public transport has never been so convenient, and will continue to get more convenient in the next few years!

2020 SMART goal: Take public transport instead of driving once a week

3) Repair your own appliances instead of throwing them away

It may seem more convenient to purchase a new item when one of your household appliances breaks down. However, it can be much more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly to try and fix it instead of readily throwing it away. This also helps reduce e-waste, which can lead to harmful effects on our environment.

Not sure how to fix an appliance? Bring it to one of the monthly sessions by hosted by our ChangeMakersSG partner, Repair Kopitiam, at any of their three locations in Ang Mo Kio, Jurong or Tampines, where their repair coaches can demonstrate and teach you some simple skills to breathe new life into your household appliances.

2020 SMART goal: Repair 2 household appliances in 2020, instead of throwing them away

4) Pass on your old clothes and purchase second-hand pieces

Make it a point to buy less (or not at all!) new clothes this year. Instead, consider purchasing second-hand items from retailers such as our ChangeMakerSG partner, REFASH, which provides a marketplace for women to sell clothes that no longer fit, and purchase second-hand pieces (some even have their original tags on) from others. Similarly, pass on your old clothes instead of throwing them away to reduce textile wastage.

2020 SMART goal: Reduce purchases from retailers by 50% by June

5) Turn off all vampire plugs

Did you know? Leaving that microwave oven or television on standby draws large amount of electricity. A simple action of making it a habit to turn them off at the source can save not only your electricity bills but the Earth too.

2020 SMART goal: Upon leaving the office or your home, ensure all your appliances are switched off at the main plug

6) Switch to a green energy supplier

Last but not least, take the leap this year to switch to an electricity supplier that can provide a greener option to help you cut down your carbon footprint in 2020. At Geneco, we help our customers achieve this with two of our plans – “Get It Green”, which provides a carbon neutral option to offset the impact of our customer’s electricity usage, and “Get Sunny”, a clean energy option where we harness the goodness from our sun.

From now till 29 February, apply our promo code HUAT38 when you sign up for either of the two plans to enjoy a $38 rebate. If you are an existing customer, share this promotion with your friends and get them to come on board too and you will be rewarded for your referrals! You will receive $20 rebate for each friend that successfully signs up with your contact number as the referral code. In addition, participate in our CNY Special Referral Bonus Programme and earn up to $2,020 in bonus rebates when you refer more friends.

2020 SMART goal: Switch to Geneco’s Get It Green or Get Sunny plans in 2020!