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Top 10 Home Energy Saving Tips To Keep Electricity Bills Low

On average, household expenses in Singapore can make up at least 14.5% on your monthly spending. This would mean that an average 5 room flat in Singapore would be raking up $1,000 in electricity bills per year. Such high spending on electricity bills can be avoided as long as we make a conscious effort on our electrical consumption habits.

Saving on electricity bills can be easy especially when these savings can be used for the finer things in life. What do you do to save money on your electricity bills?

Here are Geneco’s 10 tips on how to avoid sky high electricity bills.

Tip #1: Doing your laundry smart

Many believe that doing our laundry in hot water can result in cleaner clothes. However, it could make stubborn stains like coffee stains permanent. Additionally, nearly 90% of the energy consumption of a washing machine goes to heating the water. The next time you do your laundry; do consider switching your washing machine settings to cold water instead.

Tip #2: Iron it Out

Start your ironing with clothes that require lesser heat such as silk and wool before moving on to fabrics that require more heat such as cotton. This would prevent unnecessary heating, cooling and re-heating again which would consume more electricity.

Tip #3: Light more for less

If you haven’t switched the lights in your house to light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs), now is the time. They use 85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. Under NEA’s Switch and Save – Use LED (SSUL) programme, $25 vouchers for LED lights have already been sent to some 80,000 households living in one-room and two-room HDB flats. NEA will extend the programme to three-room HDB households as well. Light up your house with LED lights and save so much more on your electricity today. Read more about our tips on buying household appliances.

Tip #4: Run your refrigerator for less

Hiding in the corner of all our kitchen is our trusty refrigerator. They are always overlooked when it comes to being more environmentally friendly, however, refrigerators are in fact, are one of the household electrical appliances that consumes the most electricity. Constant opening and closing of the fridge wastes an enormous amount of energy, and can cause dust to build up. The more dust we have on the refrigerator coils, the more energy is required to cool the refrigerator, driving the power bill up.

Tip #5: Bye Bye to standby

75% of the electrical use by home electronics occurs when they’re on standby. These “energy vampires” suck electricity all day long—costing you an extra $100 each year. So if you’d like to avoid burning a hole in your pocket, unplug your electronics or plug them into a power strip, then turn off the strip.

Tip #6: Use the right ring for the right thing

If your cooker has a small ring, use a small pan. You might only be heating up a small meal, and doing so in a big pan wastes a lot of energy. Conversely if you try and heat a large pan on the small ring you’re more likely to end up heating for longer than saving any money or energy.

Tip #7: Don’t overpay for the electricity you are using

Choosing a good electricity retailer in the Open Electricity Market can be just as important in getting more savings on your electricity bills. Visit geneco.sg for the most competitive electricity prices that are tailored for you today.

Tip #8: Buying energy efficient appliances

Throwing out a perfectly good appliance won’t save you much money, but when it is time to swap, going for one with a high energy-efficiency rating can be worth the investment. Lookout for the NEA energy label on appliances such as TVs and refrigerators. The more ticks the device has, the less electricity you consume and the more money you save.

Tip #9: Let there be light

Remember to clean your lamps and light fixtures regularly as dust on lamps reduce light transmission. Alternatively, do consider using natural light for your lighting needs instead to save even more on electricity!

Tip #10: Go smart with smart meters

Did you know that you have an option to switch to an AMI meter, or smart meter?

With smart meters, your electricity consumption is measured real-time and remotely read at half-hourly intervals. By monitoring your electricity consumption usage, you will be able to eliminate electricity wastage, thus lowering your bill.

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