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How to pay Geneco Bill: 4 ways to pay your bills on time

Did you know there are 4 fuss-free ways to pay your Geneco bill?

1. Credit or Debit Cards

One of the best things about the Open Electricity Market is you can now choose to pay your electricity bills by credit card or debit card. It’s not only convenient, you also earn cash rebates or air miles, boosting your savings even further

And if you set up a recurring payment,you don’t just have to worry about paying your bills on time, you can also take advantage of the various credit card promotions being offered by participating banks. Head over to our ongoing promotions find out more.

2. Recurring payment via GIRO

You can continue using GIRO too. Set up your GIRO payment on our Self-Service Portal.

If your bank of choice for GIRO payment isn’t listed on our Self-Service Portal, download a form here and send it to us with the details required. We’ll sort it out for you!

3. Payment via AXS

Geneco bills can also be paid at all AXS machines. Just use your phone to scan the bar-code on the bill – Just make sure that you zoom to the bar-code on the bill.

Or use the eAXS web portal on your desktop or mobile devices.

The benefit of AXS? You can pay all your utility bills in one go!

4. GrabPay

GrabPay is our latest and exclusive payment option in our Self-Service portal. Head over to the One Time Payment page on the Self-Service portal and you will be directed to Grab’s dedicated page to make your payment!

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