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ENTER: GENECO – Power to Empower

A fresh, eco-friendly energy choice for Singapore’s newly liberalised retail energy market

Singapore, 16 March 2018 – Come mid-2018, Singaporeans will welcome a fully-liberalised electricity market, putting the choice of how to buy electricity firmly in the hands of the consumer. Enter: Geneco. With its promise of “Power to Empower”, the new retail energy brand is backed by Seraya Energy, the retail arm of the YTL PowerSeraya Group. This eco-friendly energy brand’s ethos stems from the United Kingdom, where Geneco UK – part of the wider YTL Group of companies – has been widely recognised and lauded for its work in recycling and renewable energy.

Announcing the launch of Geneco in Singapore, Hann Yeoh, Director of YTL PowerSeraya Group and Business Development Director of its parent company, YTL Power International, said,

“Seraya Energy has built a strong reputation in Singapore over the last 17 years as a reliable and customer-focused energy services provider. The introduction of Geneco in Singapore allows us to bring these values to the retail energy market, complemented by Geneco UK’s strong focus on innovation and sustainability.”

Geneco’s rallying call at launch will be “Power to Empower”, reflecting a customer-centric approach in its energy price plans. Customers will be empowered to achieve more out of their daily activities through a range of price plans suited to their household and lifestyle needs. At the same time, Geneco commits to building a sustainable energy future. The result: An eco-system of mutual empowerment between Geneco and its customers.

Yeoh added that the launch of Geneco would extend Seraya Energy’s existing B2B retail activities, making the company a full-spectrum energy provider, with the aim of bringing greater value to consumers. The company has built a reputation for excellent customer service with numerous industry call-centre awards under its belt, while YTL PowerSeraya is currently the second largest electricity generation company in Singapore.

You have the power to make a change with Geneco, a top electricity retailer with 52 years of experience.

Geneco is one of Singapore’s top electricity retailer, belonging to a global network of energy and utility companies known as YTL Power International, which is a subsidiary of the YTL Group. Geneco’s parent company YTL PowerSeraya is also one of Singapore’s first and largest electricity generators, with a licensed generating capacity of 3,100 MW.