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Enjoy the June Holidays with sustainable activities for the children at home!

The June holidays are fast approaching and even though we are encouraged to stay in as much as possible, that should not stop the kids from having fun at home! However, we know that it is not easy finding indoor activities that will not only keep the little minds occupied but are also eco-friendly and fun for everyone.

There’s no need crack your brains as we have put together our very own list of green and sustainable activities for the children to get on board with this June holidays!

1. Make your own seed paper

Paper that will sprout into different kinds of plants and flowers? It may sound like magic, but it is absolutely doable with seed paper. The best part is that you can even make your own! Seed paper is biodegradable eco-paper with seeds embedded within. Plant it in a pot of soil, water it regularly, and be enthralled as you watch it grow day by day.

The steps are simple enough that any child can create it on their own. Simply choose your favourite seeds and then gather scrap paper materials from around the house to blend. NASA Climate Kids has even included a step-by-step instruction to get you started on this craft!

Use this handmade paper to write a lovely message for friends and family during the time apart. It is a great way to remind them that you are still thinking of them while at home and gifting them a green surprise as well!

2. Create your own obstacle course at home

Having an obstacle course will not only keep the kids preoccupied, but it will also get them to stay active while enjoying endless hours of fun. Utilise cushions, sofas, tables and more to create an obstacle course befitting of any indoor playground in town.

For example, you can build a tunnel simply by draping a blanket or a towel over two chairs (or more) or get them to hop from one spot on the floor to the another and pretend-play that the floor is consumed with lava! Even the simple hallway can be used to make your own laser maze with newspaper streamers in a zig-zag pattern between the walls and encourage the kids to work their way through without touching anything.

Get your child involved in building the obstacle course using materials from around the house. It’s a great way to show how items around the home can be upcycled to create a fun time instead of buying toys or electronics. Make it as challenging as possible with different items, but always remember that safety remains the number one priority!

3. Learn Science with fun challenges

Help children better understand the world around them by exploring the wonders of science at home with some simple experiments such as learning about buoyancy or how gravity works.

In fact, the James Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards are a great way to engage children in home-based learning and crafts to introduce the many mysterious concepts behind our Earth. Stimulate the young minds with the scientific fun behind these crafts and you may have got yourself a little Einstein.

Taking a leaf out from their books, attempt a quick craft by using cardboard materials to create a boat that floats. It is the perfect challenge the next time your children ask how boats sail on the seas!

4. DIY Bowling Alley

Remember the times we could just go to a bowling alley? Miss the adrenaline of scoring a strike? Create your DIY bowling alley from the comfort of your own home with your kids, using recyclable materials.

Not only is this activity a guaranteed fun, but it also allows children to expand on their creativity when creating their own bowling pins out of plastic bottles and paper rolls. Using vibrant colours of paint, give each bowling pin a unique design. We know children of all ages are bound to love this fun experience.

5. Zero Waste Recipe Challenge

The best part about being at home is that we can indulge in some home-made cooking and what better way to get the entire family involved in making this meal. Not only is it a healthier option, it also is a great way to reduce food waste and limit the use of packaging from doing takeaways or food deliveries.

As the name suggests, the challenge is to not leave any waste behind after cooking a scrumptious meal for your family. One way to do it is by planning your grocery trip to purchase just the right amount of food required. During the cooking process, don’t throw away all the trimmings, peels, or shells after usage. Where possible, use them for stock, or as compost if they are completely inedible. Easy recipes to conquer this challenge include a zero-waste pizza or these delightful chocolate chip cookies.

While it may be easy to turn to some screen time to keep the young ones occupied and spend the days, it’s always important to ensure quality family time is spent. What’s even better is to take this opportunity to share and educate your child on the 3Rs (reducing, reusing, recycling). and the power of sustainability. Not only will this help encourage appreciation and ownership for nature, but it can also establish a relationship that could translate to the future generations wanting to do more to #PowerTheChange for a more sustainable lifestyle and preserving the earth.