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3 Reasons Why Your Electricity Consumption May Seem Higher

The average monthly household electricity consumption of a 4-room public housing unit was 363 kWh in the month of  May 2019 (statistics: SP Group). But sometimes, these monthly bills can go up – seemingly for no reason.

Here are 3 reasons why you could be seeing an increase in your electricity consumption.

Reason #1: You are on an estimated bill

Did You Know?

SP Services undertakes all metering services and meter data management in Singapore.

All household and business electrical meters are read by SP Services once every two months. Which means that your meter readings on the alternate months are on an estimated basis.

If your consumption has been under-estimated and therefore under-billed in one month, you may see a higher consumption on your following bill. Or vice-versa if an estimated bill has been over-billed in the previous month.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has a video illustration explaining how this happens.

If you would like to avoid this situation, you can submit your meter readings to SP through this methods.

  • Online: Open Electricity Market’s E-services page (For first time user, please register for an e-services account)
  • App: You can download the “SP Utilities” App and submit your meter readings once you have register for an e-services account.

Or you can use an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Meter. These meters, available at $42.80 (GST Inclusive), allow you to monitor your consumption on a half-hourly basis. Write to us at our contact us page if you would like to have the AMI Meter installed for your household.

Reason #2: Increase usage during school holidays or warmer climate during the billing period

Singapore households tend to use more electricity during certain months of the year

The months of May to July and November to December usually see a surge in household electricity consumption. Do you know why? Two reasons — dry spells and school holidays.

The heat makes people switch on more fans or run air conditioners for much longer. While the holidays may mean TVs, computers and even washing machines running much more frequently, as families relax at home or get more active.

One way to avoid an increase in your electricity bill is to use your electrical appliances more efficiently. Set a timer on your air-conditioner so that it runs long enough to cool down the room. Then use a fan to stay comfortable. Run washing machines only on a full load. Use ovens and microwaves less, and choose more raw foods and salads instead. Both you and your electricity bill will be a lot healthier!

Reason #3: You have a new appliance

Buy appliances with an Energy Label and a high rating of Energy Efficiency to enjoy more cost-savings

Adding a new electrical appliance to your household can also make your electricity bill go up.

Perhaps you bought a bigger capacity washing machine to meet your family’s growing needs? Or a more powerful air conditioner or microwave? Or simply a new, higher-spec TV? It may be just one item, but it can impact your consumption.

Be smart when you buy. Look out for appliances that carry the Energy Label, or a higher Energy Efficiency rating. These give you the performance you need, without adding too many dollars to your bill.

Since you have found out on the reasons on why your electricity bill sometimes is higher than usual, why not read on more for more home energy saving tips?