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3 Brands that are changing the game for an eco-conscious lifestyle

Singaporeans are becoming more mindful about how our day-to-day lifestyles can affect the environment, with nearly 9 in 10 locals now considering eco-friendly alternatives. As plenty of local brands step up their sustainability efforts to meet the needs of eco-conscious shoppers, now’s a great time to discover brands around us that are doing good.

In this month’s blog, we want to highlight 3 brands that are true game-changers in the space. On a mission to encourage sustainable consumption habits, they embrace sustainability by innovating new business models and unique products that complement your eco-conscious journey. Read on to find out what they offer.

Rent-able tech gadgets, good as new every time

There’s no denying it our tech-savvy culture has inculcated a habit of us constantly upgrading devices that are still in good working condition for newer releases. 

Every year, we generate about 60,000 tonnes of e-waste, out of which only 6% is recycled, leaving masses of electronics headed towards Semakau landfill. 

To help reduce our throwaways, Circular provides a monthly subscription service for the latest tech devices. Instead of purchasing new ones and accumulating e-waste, you can subscribe to your own second-hand phones and accessories, then easily upgrade to newer models as they become available. 

As each device undergoes thorough servicing and refurbishment, you can be rest assured that concerns around privacy and protection are addressed before the device reaches you.

To get started, simply select your desired gadget and subscription length, and you will undergo a verification process before receiving it at your doorstep. By joining in the circular movement, you’ll get to enjoy the latest tech at a fraction of market price, and contribute to a community that shares and recycles products to maximise their shelf lives. Head over to Circular’s website to discover the full range of devices available.

All-natural, all-effective cleaning products

Cleaning agents have long been known for their harmful impact on the environment. Not only do they contain toxic chemicals that drain into oceans and pose a danger to marine life, they also come in single-use packaging that contributes to plastic pollution.

Though many commercial brands have switched to non-toxic ingredients, SimplyGood has taken it a step further by eliminating plastic use with its dissolvable cleaning tablets. 

Launched by local entrepreneur Jeremy Lee, SimplyGood is your one-stop shop for 100% plant-based natural soaps and detergents. From body cleansers to pet shampoos, these tablets are made to be 300 times lighter and 200 times smaller than traditional liquid cleaners, allowing you to save space and reduce your carbon footprint at home. 

With SimplyGood, you have the option to purchase their “Forever Bottles” to replenish your cleaning liquids, or dissolve their cleaning tablets in a repurposed bottle from your home to minimise your household waste. 

Combining affordability and accessibility, they also have a complete home cleaning kit and different types of cleaning starter kits for sale. For greater convenience, you can even subscribe to receive refillable top-up tablets for their cleaning products every month. 

If you’re interested, you can start by taking a look at the best-selling cleaning tablets on their website

Long-lasting staples for your wardrobe

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, one thing that we cannot live without is our trusty go-to basic T-shirt that we can throw on whether we’re heading out for a quick grocery run or pairing it with a preppy outfit for work. 

Determined to create simple everyday wear that is elegant, comfortable and sustainable, EcoStaples embarked on their journey to create a range of timeless wardrobe basics designed with Singaporeans in mind. Unlike fast fashion brands that mass-manufacture polyester clothes, EcoStaples makes an environmental difference by utilising eco-friendly bamboo lyocell fabric.  

Primarily made from bamboo, which in itself produces 35% more oxygen than average trees, bamboo lyocell fabric is non-toxic and biodegradable in just around 8 days, a stark contrast to synthetic materials that take hundreds of years to break down. 

Moreover, bamboo garments are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and possess sweat-wicking properties, keeping you cool and comfortable in our tropical climate.

In addition to their environmental commitment, EcoStaples has also created recycled packaging to perfectly fit their products, avoiding the use of biodegradable bags that ultimately contribute to landfills as well. The next time you’re replacing some of your wardrobe staples, you can shop with EcoStaples on their website

Support brands that make a difference

When mitigating our personal environmental impact, it’s important to show our support for brands like Circular, SimplyGood and EcoStaples that are dedicated to helping consumers lead eco-conscious lifestyles while providing products that do not compromise on quality. Their products and services are not only beneficial to our lives, but our support for these local businesses can also encourage more to follow in their footsteps, contributing to a sustainable marketplace for all. 

If you found this month’s blog helpful for your eco journey, you can also stand a chance to win our Facebook and Instagram giveaway! Simply comment on our giveaway post by answering this question: “Name 3 featured brands that are changing the game for an eco-conscious lifestyle.” 10 lucky winners will receive a $30 eCapitaVoucher and a Geneco Green Starter Kit (worth $40). Contest ends on 30 Jun 2023, T&Cs apply. 

Let’s continue to #PowerTheChange and conserve our natural wonders for our future generations.