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Enjoy additional S$30 rebate with
Citi Credit Card

Simply sign up to any 24-month or 36-month plan and set up recurring bill payment with a Citi Credit Card to enjoy additional S$30 rebate!

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Promotion Details

  • Receive up to $73 bill rebates and vouchers when you sign up to the eligible plans below.
  • Use your friend’s referral code for additional $20 bill rebate. T&Cs apply.
  • Get additional $30 bill rebate when you set up recurring bill payment with Citi Credit Card. Limited to 1st 500 redemptions. Applicable for new sign ups on the eligible plans from 1 Mar – 30 April 2021. T&Cs apply.
Eligible Plan(s) Plan Promotion Promo Code Set up recurring with Citi Credit Card
Get It Fixed 24 SP customers: $53 bill rebate + $20 vouchers BDAY73 $30
Non-SP customers: $53 bill rebate BDAY53 $30
Get It Less 24 $53 bill rebate BDAY53 $30
Get It Fixed 36
T&Cs apply.

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