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Meet the Geneco ChangeMakers
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At Geneco, we are also powering the change for a more sustainable energy future. We believe this change can happen much faster by harnessing the positive energy of like-minded individuals and organisations who share our vision.

Meet the Geneco ChangeMakers

Geneco’s Changemakers are amazing individuals and organisations who are bringing about real change in the world in a variety of ways. Learn about who they are and how Geneco is helping them power the change for a better world.


Allan, Peter and the team at Comcrop believe that we can positively impact the world by changing the way we grow and consume food. Find out how their rooftop farms are connecting people to healthy, locally-produced food.

Cultivate Central

Nova and Gita are two visionary mums who believe that creating a sustainable future lies with educating our children to live differently. See how they are teaching children how to grow their own food, make the right food choices and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Food Bank

Nichol aims to end food poverty in Singapore by turning food that would otherwise be wasted into a source of sustenance for the needy. Find out how her efforts are also helping to curb the growing food waste problem in the country.

Green Nudge

Saving the Earth won’t come from one big gesture by a few people, but countless small ones from many. This is what Li Seng and his team are working to accomplish with Green Nudge as they tirelessly “nudge” others to adopt a green lifestyle.


Inspired by his wife and female friends who do not wear more than 70% of what’s in their closet, Aloysius set out to connect women’s closets and reduce clothing wastage in Singapore. See how he enables a collaborative community to think secondhand first before buying something new.

Repair Kopitiam

Veera is a social entrepreneur who builds his business around cause-based initiatives. As the world constantly chases after new tech gadgets, he and his community of volunteers believe that a sustainable future lies in reducing electrical waste through repair, one appliance at a time.


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