Fixing Singapore’s waste problem one faulty appliance at a time

When Veerappan Swaminathan founded Repair Kopitiam in 2014, he wanted to fight the growing waste problem in Singapore by teaching Singaporeans how to repair their broken items.

Since then, Repair Kopitiam has grown in strength; hosting monthly workshops, where their volunteer repair coaches guide attendees along as they try to inject new life into defective or damaged objects together.

By showing people how easy it is to put a stop to our throwaway culture, the organisation hopes to promote sustainable living among Singaporeans and, eventually, reduce waste for good.

Geneco x Repair Kopitiam: Mending the future together

Geneco x Repair Kopitiam: Mending the future together

Repair Kopitiam is working towards a zero-waste Singapore by fixing broken items, instead of throwing them out. And we, at Geneco, fully support this wonderful cause.

Keep an eye out for more details on our Facebook or Instagram about upcoming events in collaboration with Repair Kopitiam.

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