Weaving an eco-friendly fashion industry together

REFASH was founded in 2016 by Aloysius Sng who had a simple idea: to encourage recycling within the fashion community. It sparked after he realised his wife and female friends were wearing only 30% of their entire closets. This compelled him to help connect them, and their rarely worn clothing, to other people with a similar fashion sense.

Since its inception, REFASH has rapidly grown in size. Today, they occupy nine physical locations nationwide, a bustling online store, and have even expanded to Malaysia. Through this development, they hope to further reduce textile waste and promote longevity in fast fashion, creating a more sustainable future for nature and our environment.

In addition to being a secondhand apparel marketplace, REFASH hosts events like Ecofest 2019, a collaboration with other eco-friendly brands. They aim to push for greater awareness on sustainable living, allowing consumers to be more conscious of their daily habits. The goal is to move towards an economy that reuses and recycles, thereby reducing waste.

Geneco x Refash: Weaving an eco-friendly fashion industry together

Geneco x Refash: Make fashion sustainable, not fast

Geneco is excited to be working with REFASH towards a zero-waste fashion industry by reusing and rewearing secondhand clothes. Through this collaboration, we hope to further raise awareness and educate people about REFASH’s ‘wear like new’ mission.

Let’s all sew a future by reducing textile waste. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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