Sowing the seeds for a sustainable Singapore

Founded in 2014 as a community farm, Comcrop’s goal is to build a sustainable future in which Singaporeans can have easy access to healthy, locally produced food.

The company's first farm, which occupies a 6,000 square foot space on the rooftop of the *SCAPE building, produces and sells approximately 60kg of food a week to nearby hotels and restaurants.

In addition to growing affordable greens, Comcrop also engages the community by hiring retirees and the differently abled to harvest, sort and germinate the plants.

The company is expanding its operations to a new 35,000 square foot rooftop farm complex in Woodlands. Through this expansion, Comcrop hopes to significantly increase the production of locally grown vegetables, making them more affordable and accessible for the average Singaporean household.

Geneco x Comcrop: Building a greener Singapore together

Geneco x Comcrop: Building a greener Singapore together

Geneco is proud to be supporting Comcrop in their mission to build a more self-reliant and sustainable Singapore.

We have lined up several exclusive events and activities for Geneco customers to take the first step towards greener living. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest happenings.

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