Your one stop utility bundle


Steam, Gas and Water


At Geneco, we want you to get the energy you need. That’s why we are a one-stop shop, offering multi-utility services that include steam, gas and water.

Steam plants on Jurong Island


Geneco retails high pressure steam to companies located at Singapore’s petrochemical hub on Jurong Island for use in industrial processes.

Integrated Energy Hub at Geneco

Natural Gas

Through YTL PowerSeraya, Geneco has been retailing natural gas since April 2015, offering industrial customers who use natural gas for electricity generation, boiler and water heating a one-stop energy bundle (electricity, gas and steam) that helps them manage their operating costs.

If your company is currently consuming natural gas or has the intention to consume natural gas for your business operations, we are happy to explore business opportunities with you.

Water solutions for industries


Established in 2008, Geneco’s parent company YTL PowerSeraya's Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant was the world’s first desalination plant to use highly advanced 16-inch large diameter membrane SWRO technology.

This 10,000m3/day desalination plant set new standards in efficiency when it was first introduced and is capable of meeting the potable water needs of marine vessels up to 1,000m3/day.

We are also equipped to supply demineralised and firefighting water to industries in the vicinity of Pulau Seraya Power Station.

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