Terms and Conditions of Business Account Referral Programme ("Programme")

  1. Definitions:
    1. “Geneco” means Geneco, a brand name used by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd to market, promote and sell its goods and/or services relating to electricity retail;
    2. “Referrer” refers to a business entity which is an existing customer of Geneco;
    3. “Referee” refers to a business entity which is not an existing customer of Geneco at the time of referral and is referred by the Referrer to Geneco;
    4. “Referral Gift” refers to S$ 100 vouchers from Takashimaya Singapore Ltd.
  2. Referrers can refer any number of Referees to Geneco.
  3. A successful referral shall meet all of the following criteria:
    1. The Referee must be a valid business entity or company residing in Singapore;
    2. The Referee satisfies the minimum threshold of an average of S$2,000 electricity bill size per month; and
    3. The Referee must sign up for an electricity retail agreement with a contract period of minimum of 12-months with Geneco.
  4. The Referral Gift will be given to both the Referrer and Referee upon the commencement of the electricity retail agreement referred to in Clause 3(c) above.
  5. It is the Referrer’s responsibility to obtain the consent of the Referee to provide data (including personal data) or any other information in relation to the Referee and/or its premises (collectively referred to as "Referee's Data" to Geneco for the purpose of electricity retail, including but not limited to contacting and corresponding with the Referee.
  6. The Referrer agrees and acknowledges that:
    1. the Referrer consents to Geneco on the usage and collection of the data and any other information in relation to the Referrer (“Referrer’s Data”)
    2. Geneco may use such Referrer’s Data and Referee’s Data as may be relevant for the purpose of electricity retail to the Referee;
    3. Geneco may disclose Referrer’s Data and/or Referee’s Data to any person (including governmental authorities and regulatory bodies) with a need-to-know of any information relating to the Referrer and/or Referee; and
    4. the Referrer has obtain the express prior consent of the Referee on the usage and collection of the Referee’s Data by Geneco for the purpose of electricity retail to the Referee.
  7. In the event that 2 or more Referrers referred the same Referee to Geneco, only the first Referrer will be considered eligible for the Referral Gift.
  8. The Referral Gift is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and not redeemable for cash. The use of the Referral Gift is subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by Takashimaya Singapore Ltd. Geneco is not an agent of Takashimaya Singapore Ltd and vice versa, and Geneco shall not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of the products and/or services provided by Takashimaya Singapore Ltd. Any dispute about the quality or service standards of Takashimaya Singapore Ltd must be resolved directly with Takashimaya Singapore Ltd.
  9. Sales employees of YTL PowerSeraya Pte Ltd, vendors and resellers of either Seraya Energy Pte. Ltd. or other electricity retailers and employees of other electricity resellers are not eligible to participate in this Programme.
  10. Geneco reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw, vary or terminate the Programme, including but not limited to replacing the Referral Gift with another promotion of similar value at its absolute discretion, and to, vary, add to, or delete any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, including not but limited to the eligibility requirements of Referrer and/or Referee.
  11. The decision of Geneco on all matters, queries or disputes, concerning this Programme and its terms & conditions shall be final.
  12. Participation in this Programme shall constitute acceptance of all these terms and conditions and any amendments thereof.